About Security Post

Security Post is a blog about topics on information security management. Three experienced security professionals Neelu, Amol and Akash got together to document and share their opinions on some of the more daunting aspects of information security management.

Security Post Trio - Neelu, Amol and Akash

Initially our plan is to publish about once a month.

Topics you are likely to read here

Some of the topics we are planning to cover in the coming months are basically around the biggest challenge we have. Capacity and capability building of security professionals when the world of technology moves so quickly

Why should you read our posts

Between us we have over 3 decades worth of security experience both in a technical and management capacity. What you are going to get are three distinct voices. Sometimes we will collaborative and others offer contradictory opinions.

Most important thing to remember is that we plan to be transparent, honest about our opinions and nothing apart from our knowledge and experience will shape it.

Three vastly different points of view

  1. Neelu brings all the experience of leading security efforts at a large modern devops focussed software company
  2. Amol is in the hot seat being responsible for security at a “startup” that keeps getting bigger and bigger at breakneck speed
  3. Akash runs a boutique security consulting company where the pace is fairly sedate compared to the startup but allows his team to undertake and execute interesting research

All the posts will cover the same topic from widely different places to tackle the same problem. We believe that this will allow for deeper insights and some fun conversations.